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Gershom Scholem was a noted authority on Jewish mysticism. His scholarly achievements were enormous in the field of Jewish mysticism. No other contemporary writer equaled him in breadth of knowledge, depth of perception, and power of synthesis. Among his numerous publications were Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism; Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, and the Talmudic Tradition; Sabbatai Zevi: The Mystical Messiah; and Kabbalah.
Alchemy and Kabbalah
Translated by KLAUS OTTMANN
Paperback original, 112 pages, $20
ISBN: 978-0-88214-566-2
Kindle/Apple Books edition, $9.99
ISBN: 978-0-88214-599-0
A groundbreaking text on alchemy by the leading scholar of Jewish mysticism is presented here for the first time in English translation. Scholem looks critically at the connections between alchemy, the Jewish Kabbalah; its christianized varieties, such as the gold- and rosicrucian mysticisms, and the myth-based psychology of C. G. Jung, and uncovers forgotten alchemical roots embedded in the Kabbalah.
Skillfully translated from the original German …, Alchemy and Kabbalah is a classic text on alchemy by a leading scholar of Jewish mysticism, now available in English for the first time … A serious-minded, in-depth metaphysical scrutiny, especially recommended for college-level students of Judaic theology.
—Oliver Norton, Midwest Book Review
Color Symbolism
The Eranos Lectures
Paperback original, 336 pages, $26 USD
ISBN: 978-0-88214-554-9
Kindle/Apple Books edition, $9.99
ISBN 978-0-88214-056-8
This revised and expanded edition includes, for the first time in English translation, GERSHOM SCHOLEM’s paper on “Colors and their Symbolism in Jewish Tradition and Mysticism” and Henry Corbin’s paper on “The Realism and Symbolism of Colors in Shiite Cosmology.”