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PER KIRKEBY (1938–2018)
Although for a couple of decades the Danish artist Per Kirkeby has been a familiar presence at European exhibitions of contemporary art, he has been far less known in the U.S. Kirkeby was a creative mind to reckon with, a kind of polymathic creative dynamo, active and productive in many fields at once. Not only was he one of the most widely acclaimed Scandinavian painters since Edvard Munch and a prolific sculptor in brick and bronze, he authored more than seventy books (poems, novels, essays, and over a dozen studies of individual artists from Bellini to Kurt Schwitters), made more than twenty films, designed costumes and sets for the New York City Ballet, and created title art for some of the films of his countryman Lars von Trier. In his spare time he was also an architect specializing in the design of brick houses and a university-educated geologist.
Kirkeby: Writings on Art
Edited and with an introduction
Translated by MARTIN AITKEN
Paperback original, 216 pages, $28
ISBN: 978-0-88214-572-3
Kindle/Apple Books edition, $9.99
ISBN: 978-0-88214-573-0
The first comprehensive English-language collection of the writings of the highly original Danish artist, filmmaker, architect, poet, and geologist Per Kirkeby.