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John Ryan Haule is a Jungian analyst practicing in Brookline, Massachusetts. A series of mystical experiences during his college years led him to enter a religious order after graduation, but he left after five years in response to persistent messages in his dreams. In 1973, he earned a Ph.D. in religious studies from Temple University and was Assistant Professor of Religion and Culture at Northeastern University, before leaving to train as a Jungian analyst in Zurich. He has been president of the New England society of Jungian Analysts and of the C. G. Jung Institute in Boston, as well as a member of the executive committee of the International Association of Analytical Phychology, based in Zurich. He is the author of Divine Madness; The Ecstasies of St. Francis; and Perils of the Soul: Ancient Wisdom and the New Age.
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Therapy: Erotic and Sexual
Second, revised edition, 194 pages, $22
ISBN: 978-0-88214-996-7
Kindle/Apple Books edition, $9.99
ISBN: 978-0-88214-035-3
The Love Cure asks questions and describes feelings and events that the therapeutic and self-help communities would rather not look at. But it goes beyond simplistic and moralistic either/or, yes-or-no debates about erotic relations in therapy. Haule is a clear-minded and full-hearted professional who writes brightly, learnedly, and with a rich understanding of the complexities of love, the illusions it brings, and the healing it offers.