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GEORGE BOAS (1891–1980)
George Boas was a philosopher, historian of ideas, critic, aesthetician, and linguist equally at home in English, French, Greek, and Latin. He taught for many years at Johns Hopkins University and was the editor of the Journal of the History of Ideas. He wrote twenty-four books including The Limits of Reason; Primitivism and Related Ideas in Antiquity (with A. O. Lovejoy); The Inquiring Mind; and The History of Science: An Introduction.
The Cult of Childhood
Paperback original, 120 pages, $17.50
ISBN: 978-0-88214-218-0
Could our fascination with childhood and the issues of child abuse, abortion, and family therapy mean that we are caught in the myth of purity and innocence? Boas exposes the assumptions that continue to plague nearly everything we do and say about children.