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John Allan is Professor Emeritus of Counseling Psychology at the University of British Columbia and the author of numerous articles and books, some of which are translated into Japanese, Russian, Italian, and Arabic. He is the author of Written Paths of Healing: Education and Jungian Child Counseling (with Judi Bertoia); Empowering Students: Classroom Discussion Themes for Teachers and Counsellors (with J. Nairne); Children as Storytellers: A Bridge to Success in Reading and Writing (with C. Martin); and Violence Prevention: A Group Discussion Approach (with J. Nairne and J. Majcher). Dr. Allan, a retired Jungian Training Analyst, currently lives on Pender Island, Canada, where he is actively involved in Climate Crisis protests.
Inscapes of the Child's World
Jungian Counseling in Schools and Clinics
Second, revised edition 2020
Paperback original, 254 pages, $22
ISBN: 978-0-88214-083-4
Kindle/Apple Books edition, $9.99
The yield of more than forty years of John Allan’s clinical work with children—both “normal” children in classrooms and those physically and sexually abused, emotionally neglected, and terminally ill—this book describes different ways to use art in counseling children: through both spontaneous and directed drawing, guided imagery, and active imagination.
Rooted in C. G. Jung’s theory of the regenerative, self-healing ability of the psyche, Allan’s approach is pragmatic, sensitive, and respectful. His clear language and feeling for his cases make the book widely accessible, so that anyone involved with children—parents, teachers, and counselors—will find the ideas immediately useful and encouraging. The wealth of drawings, paintings, and writings by children give us entry to a profound dimension of both their suffering and strength.
Inscape sof the Child’s world won the 1987–88 Best Book Award from the Canadian Guidance and Counseling Association.