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Michael Vannoy Adams is an internationally prominent Jungian psychoanalyst in New York City, a clinical associate professor at the New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, and a faculty member at the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association and the New School, where he was previously associate provost. He is the author of The Fantasy Principle: Psychoanalysis of the Imagination and The Multicultural Imagination: “Race,” Color and the Unconscious, and the recipient of three Gradiva Awards from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. He has been a Marshall scholar in England and a Fulbright senior lecturer in India.
Mythological Unconscious
Paperback original, 416 pages, $40
ISBN: 978-0-88214-595-2
One of the most radical discoveries of Freud and Jung is that the unconscious is “mythological”—that ancient gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, and fabulous creatures are alive and well in the psyches of modern men and women. In THE MYTHOLOGICAL UNCONSCIOUS, Michael Vannoy Adams provides numerous persuasive examples of how myths appear in contemporary dreams and fantasies, and he does so with erudition, wit, and eloquence.