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SPRING began as an activity of the Analytical Psychology Club of New York as SPRING JOURNAL during the Second World War, bringing the ideas of C. G. Jung into American translations.
Our logo (the ram and the goat) symbolizes the focus of the press. The ram’s forward push and the goat’s backward look recall a Renaissance idea: that one best moves forward by looking back to history and tradition. The animals are poised over a watery, reed-rimmed pool, emblems of reflection and the soul—a major theme in many SPRING books.
We have been publishing psychological ideas about soul-making as SPRING PUBLICATIONS since 1970, blurring the lines between art, philosophy, the history of ideas, psychiatry, mythology, literature, and religion
SPRING is a "niche" publishing house that serves the psychologically sophisticated reader, the educated teacher, the curious scholar, and anyone exalted by creative ideas. Our list thrives in the territory left vacant between trade editions of big commercial houses and the academic presses of universities.
Since the first printings, when SPRING was located in Zurich, Switzerland, its focus has remained on the soul in culture—a focus that can be condensed into two words: ARCHETYPAL PSYCHOLOGY. We reach back to the classic works from Greece, Rome, and the Italian Renaissance, replenishing the modern mind with books on the nature of religion, art, philosophy, ritual, initiation, and the cult of soul. The soul in the practice of psychotherapy is one of our mainstays: therapy in childhood, midlife and as we age; in the various symptoms of eros, of psychopathologies and diseases; and the therapy of therapy itself.
Ideas of C. G. Jung and his school figure largely among many our authors with practical books on dreams, active imagination, art therapy, typology (introvert and extravert), anima and animus, family psychology, the soul of women (by women writers), shadow and evil, and the depth psychology of archetypal figures and symbols. Works on symbolic imagination, on art and the philosophy of art, on phenomenology, on the philosophy of psychology, on religion, mysticism, and gnosis fill out our list that is kept up to date with reprints and expanded with a select few titles each year.
James Hillman (1926–2011)

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