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NOR HALL is a writer, archetypal thinker, psychotherapist and theater collaborator. She has worked with Pantheatre (Paris), Shawn McConneloug’s Orchestra (Minneapolis) and Archipelago (Chapel Hill) where she contributed to the development of seven award-winning pieces for the stage between 1997 and 2010, notably Those Women, Eulogy for a Warrior, and Out of the Blue. She is the author of The Moon and the Virgin: Images of the Archetypal Feminine, a book that rode the wave of mid-century feminism, and Those Women Hall.
Those Women book cover THOSE WOMEN
Third, revised edition

Paperback original, $24.00 USD
88 pages, color plates
ISBN: 978-0-88214-071-1

Kindle/iBooks edition, $9.99 USD
eISBN: 978-0-88214-073-5

SUBJECT: Archetypal Psychology

This book is about the god who electrifies women. And the Dionysian charge that surfaces in the writings of Jungian analyst Linda Fierz-David, classicist Jane Ellen Harrison, and poet H. D. Although the scene of this work is the mystery chamber in Roman Pompeii, it really begins with the need to fathom a mystery of identity. Who were those analytical women who embraced Jung’s depth psychology with their whole lives? Why did so many of them never marry? Where did their peculiar strength come from, and why did they choose to study what they chose to study? Nor Hall here uses the ten scenes of dramatic initiation to frame the experiences of death, maenadic madness, and change that occur to women in the midlife constellation of Dionysos, the Shaker and Loosener. Along the way, her meditation—rich with images from dreams, vase paintings, poetry, biographies—considers as well “housebound” women and other constraints, the gripping experience of childbirth, and relationships with the masculine, whatever its form.